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My name is Maggie. My formal name is Lady Margaret, but I can't imagine that anyone would ever take the time to actually call me that if they REALLY wanted to get my attention. . . .Apparently "Lady means "breadkneader" or "head of the brood" and Margaret means "pearl." I am a field bred English Cocker. I was raised the first 7 months of my life by a wonderful breeder in Canada who took very very very good care of me. Her name is "Trudy." My Mama's name is "Billie." (Her FB Badge is shown below.) The two of them still keep in touch so they can talk about me, I guess.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Me and Mama Dowtown Portland

Mama making me pose AGAIN. . . .Here we are in the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland. If I look distracted it's because there are seagulls and pigeons and birds EVERYWHERE! The most fun part of this walk was the part where Mama let me jump up on the ledge I am sitting on-- a bunch of times. She LOVES to watch me jump on all the retaining walls, ledges, statues, etc. during our walks. I do too! Walking downtown with Mama is FUN!


  1. Hi Maggie. We are two English Cockers living in Portland, connecting with you, our cousin, so to speak. Our names are Jack and Ivy. Ivy went to Urban Fauna today with our brother Rudy, a Cavalier. It was lots of fun, but it would be nice to have one of those for English Cockers. Don't see many of our kind in Portland. We note that one of the blogs you follow is EnglishCockerAdventures. That blog is written about Suki, formerly Surprise, and is my (Jack) daughter. We haven't seen Suki for a long time, but she was the favorite of our mom, Bonnie, of the five puppies in that litter. We hope to see her in Colorado at the end of June. We are solid black and our mom feeds us lots of fish to keep our coats nice and shiny.

  2. I think Maggie's Mama is doing a great job.

    Scott (Hugged Maggie (Angel) a lot before she became Maggie)

  3. Bonnie: Thanks for reaching out to connect with me. I met a couple of beautiful English Cockers in Gabriel Park when I first moved to Portland. You may know them: Reggie and Lacey? I'd love to meet other ECSs. Where do you go for walks? Mama runs me every morning in GP and the evenings she mixes it up quite a bit. She's not keen on the "dog parks" because she thinks the dogs teach me bad aggressive habits. I think she is a bit over protective, but some of those dogs sure do drool a lot and I would rather not have that mess to deal with (on my face, on my back, etc.) ICK. I like your daughter's blog. Maybe we'll meet sometime. Maggie

  4. Mrs. Burback: I'll let Mama know you give her a passing grade! Trudy did a wonderful job with me because I feel pretty socialized and pretty well-adjusted (for a teen!) I turned 11 mos on 5/6. I'll be 1 year in less than 4 weeks! Mama says we are going to celebrate with lots of swimming, running and playing! (It's a Saturday, so the whole day is ALL ABOUT ME!) Take care, Maggie (fka "Angel")