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My name is Maggie. My formal name is Lady Margaret, but I can't imagine that anyone would ever take the time to actually call me that if they REALLY wanted to get my attention. . . .Apparently "Lady means "breadkneader" or "head of the brood" and Margaret means "pearl." I am a field bred English Cocker. I was raised the first 7 months of my life by a wonderful breeder in Canada who took very very very good care of me. Her name is "Trudy." My Mama's name is "Billie." (Her FB Badge is shown below.) The two of them still keep in touch so they can talk about me, I guess.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

More of Me on the Deschutes

Mama likes to take pictures of me. Sometimes I wish she would just hurry up, so I can play. These two pictures took her a reeeeaaaallly long time to take. There were birds flying around, fish jumping in the river and all sorts of desert smells that were teasing me while she made me sit and pose. Maybe Mama should take a class in technology. . . .How long does it take to push a button? Seriously.

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